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Apple earnings fall, a sign of what to expect in the future?

Apple reported it's third quarter 2012 earnings today missing analysts expectations of $10.37 per share or revenue of $37.2 billion, but instead making $9.32...

What will happen on December 2012?

Will the world end on December 21, 2012? If it does, how will it happen? What will you do about it? Here we are...

Your weekend recap to Precious Metals investing- July 6, 2012

Your weekend recap to Precious Metals investing – July 6, 2012 ?IS SILVER A GOOD DEAL AT $27 to $29? We think silver has more upside...

Big business getting away with wrong doing?

It's been about four years after the sub-price mortgage fiasco, but the aftershock of the financial meltdown continues to have an adverse affect on...