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Don't get rid of the penny

Getting rid of the penny is a bad idea for consumer

Recently the government announced in their 2012 budget to get rid of the penny causing many people to cheer and some to ponder whether...

Hey!!!?? Where’s my slice??!!

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has been mocking the Raptors and Toronto fans ever since he found out that Raptors fans get a...

The Mess Down at City Hall

On an unusually sweltering March day in Toronto, city hall voted on an equally heated topic. LRTs or subways? After a long session of...

Are the major news dailies too bias now?

After reading the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and other dailies some journalists have become so bias that there is no longer discretion about being...

Single game betting coming to Canada

Canadian bettors rejoice, 'cause single game wagering is coming to Canada. It's Bill C-290, a bill that will legalize single game betting. Currently it is...