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27% Pay Hike, Do CEOs Really Deserve It?

By noon on January 3, 2012, most Canadian highest CEOs would have made what the average work makes in a year. According to the Canadian...

Spock, you will be missed

News of the death of Leonard Nimoy, who is best known simply as Spock, on the original series Star Trek  sent a shock wave...

Robots for seniors: How will robots play a role?

The Usefulness of Robots for seniors You might think that robots are only suitable for kids and adults, but actually, people of all ages can...


Doubling Down on Toronto Raptors Beating Golden State Warriors

We find are ourselves talking about the Toronto Raptors versus the Golden States Warrior again and this time we are doubling down on our home...

Toronto Raptors will hand Golden States Warriors their first loss of the season

You heard it here first as we predict that the  Toronto Raptors will beat the Golden States Warriors tonight handing them their first loss...

Can the Toronto Raptors beat Atlanta Hawks?

Two of the hottest teams in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks will duke it out this Friday, February 20, 2015, who...

Can Jeremy Lin Climb to the Next Level In His Career?

It was not too long ago that Jeremy Lin took the NBA world by storm as the bench warmer from Harvard University became an...


Should your company have a say in your private life?

Today it was reported in major newspaper dailies such as The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail that Hydro One is going to...

Should Doug Ford be Toronto’s next mayor?

Rob Ford is out. Left leaning councillors are salivating at the idea of taking back ultimate power down at Toronto city hall. They can...


Peter Woodcock was Toronto’s Youngest Serial Killer

The Tragic Story of Toronto's Most Notorious Serial Killer Toronto doesn't have too many serial killers. Perhaps that's a good thing as we need as...
Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness Part Two

I decided, however, to persevere with  'Operation Feel Good'. Sure this person kept pressing that button, normally I would have responded with some sharp...

Modern Day Slavery

Is the Live-in Caregiver Program tantamount to modern day slavery? Sure they get a meagre salary, but what are the implications of such a...
Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness Part One

A few months ago I received news that my friend had died, we were the same age, 38. It got me to thinking about...

Canadian Citizenship Test

After meeting the criteria to become a Canadian citizen one of the things that you have to do is pass the Canadian citizenship test. I’ve...


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