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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Do we really need F-35 fighter jets for Canada?

The buy or no buy decision for the F-35 fighter jets has been going on since last year. We would have thought by now...

Are Quebecers better protesters?

When it comes to protesting we have to give it to Quebecers, they are just better protesters than the rest of Canadians. As we have...

Apple Watch: One word “Fail”

Apple introduced the much anticipated Apple Watch on Monday, March 9, 2015 after the teaser we got last year and despite the hoopla, this...


DonnySports December 5, 2018 NBA Basketball Picks

Wednesday, December 5 NBA Picks and Predictions Philadelphia 76ers +6 vs Toronto Raptors The last time the Sixers visited Toronto, the Raptors spanked them 129-112.  Simmons...

NBA Rumors and News

There truly is never a dull moment in the NBA.  Here we have several stories from around the league, except one of them is...

DonnySports November 9, 2018 NBA Basketball Picks

Friday, November 9 NBA Picks and Predictions Boston Celtics +5 vs Utah Jazz The Celtics came back from a 22 point deficit to tie the...

DonnySports November 8, 2018 NBA Basketball Picks

Thursday, November 8 NBA Picks and Predictions Houston Rockets -4.5 vs Oklahoma Thunder Russell Westbrook suffered a bad ankle sprain Monday night.  It will be...


Toronto City Councillors Running Amok And Nothing Is Getting Done

As the days go by Toronto City Hall and Queens Park have become quite lively and for all the wrong reasons. Instead of looking after...

Stop the attack on building owners and developers

We have to stop the attacks on building owners and developers who want to do something else with their building or tear it down...


Peter Woodcock was Toronto’s Youngest Serial Killer

The Tragic Story of Toronto's Most Notorious Serial Killer Toronto doesn't have too many serial killers. Perhaps that's a good thing as we need as...
Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness Part Two

I decided, however, to persevere with  'Operation Feel Good'. Sure this person kept pressing that button, normally I would have responded with some sharp...

Modern Day Slavery

Is the Live-in Caregiver Program tantamount to modern day slavery? Sure they get a meagre salary, but what are the implications of such a...
Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness Part One

A few months ago I received news that my friend had died, we were the same age, 38. It got me to thinking about...

Canadian Citizenship Test

After meeting the criteria to become a Canadian citizen one of the things that you have to do is pass the Canadian citizenship test. I’ve...


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DonnySports December 6, 2018 NBA Basketball Picks

Thursday, December 6 NBA Picks and Predictions Utah Jazz -2 vs Houston Rockets The Rockets are not the same team this year.  They might have lost...

NBA Rumors and News