Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden States Warriors – 2016 NBA Finals


It’s the 2016 NBA Finals and the match-up or should I say re-match that we all have been waiting for: Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Last year, Stephen Curry and the Warriors gave Lebron James and his Cavaliers a beating that he would rather forget.  It wasn’t even a fight as King James was easily beaten by the Baby Faced Assassin (also known as Chef Curry) in six games (2-4).

However this year, it’s different and personal because King James finally has his full roster and he is healthy with plenty of rest after they took care of the Toronto Raptors in six games (4-2).  As for the Golden States Warriors they just came off a hard fought match between the Oklahoma City Thunder, edging them out in 7 games (4-3) after being down (3-1).

We don’t know which team actually has the advantage here because Cavaliers being well rested can lead to lethargic plays, while the Warriors are sharp, but also they might be experiencing fatigue.

A lot is on the line for both teams, especially for King James and Chef Curry, besides their pride, they also have very lucrative respective endorsement deals between Nike and the upstart Under Armour.

King James who just recently signed a life-time contract with Nike for a reported figure in the north of a billion dollar wants to win and solidified his status as one of the greatest players, if not the greatest basketball player of all time.  But standing in his way is the Baby Faced Assassin, who will no doubt want that accolade as well and take the throne from the King.

Although both have been MVPs and both have accomplished many record breaking feats; King James has been to the NBA Finals six consecutive times and the Baby Faced Assassin has shot more three-pointers in a season than anyone else in NBA history.

They are in some parts having the same drive, determination and self-belief that they are the best, but they exist on different levels.  King James, who is super strong and well built, standing at 6 feet 8 inches was crowned early in his rookie year and has been a strong force in the NBA ever since.  This is the opposite for the young Baby Faced Assassin who stands at 6 feet, 3 inches and is small and skinny.  The Baby Faced Assassin entrance into the NBA was not easy as he had to fight to where he is today, still facing many criticisms as too weak and soft.  Without the three-points game, the Baby Faced Assassin would not be so special.

The dichotomy between King James and Chef Curry for regular fans who love basketball couldn’t be anymore polar opposite.  On the one hand we “ooh and aww” at King James because to measure up to him would be extremely hard because he is a specimen that is rare in natural nature.  While the other hand, we can relate to Chef Curry because he is just like us, a regular sized guy who works hard on his game and gained the unique three-points shooting ability to counter King James.

Whether you are rooting for King James who will fly effortlessly in the air while dunking on opponents or the Baby Faced Assassin, who rains bombs of three-points, we can say that this will be an exciting series that cannot be missed.  It just might go down in history the most exciting and highly anticipated match-up ever.