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Donny Sports Picks of the Day – November 18, 2023

NBA: Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks – November 18, 2023 at 6:00 PM ET

Hey there, sports thrill-seekers! It’s your man Donny Sports, back in the driver’s seat with some red-hot picks that’ll set your pulse racing. We’re talking NBA action where the Charlotte Hornets are set to clash with the New York Knicks. Buckle up, ’cause this one’s gonna be a high-scoring spectacle!

Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks – Over 225.5 Total Points:

Now, when the Hornets and Knicks collide, you can throw defense out the window! We’re expecting tired legs, back-to-back games, and some serious offensive fireworks. The Hornets, on their home turf, are ready to unleash a scoring frenzy, easily crossing the 100-point mark. The Knicks, no strangers to putting up big numbers, are looking to outshine their opponents. In their previous bout, the Knicks soared to a 129-107 victory, and we’re betting on a repeat performance.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors – November 18, 2023 at 8:30 PM ET

And now, let’s shift gears to the NBA showdown between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. It’s a clash of titans, and I’ve got the inside scoop on where to place your bets.

Oklahoma City Thunder to Win (Money Line Odds: 1.76):

Thunder fans, rejoice! It’s payday in OKC as they eye a second straight victory against a Warriors team missing its star power. In their last face-off, the Thunder cruised to a convincing 128-109 win, taking full advantage of the Warriors’ injury woes. With Curry sidelined and Green still serving suspension time, the Thunder’s path to another win looks smoother than a freshly waxed court. Get ready for a thunderstorm in Golden State!

NHL: Washington Capitals vs. Columbus Blue Jackets – November 18, 2023 at 7:30 PM ET

Time to hit the ice, my friends! The Washington Capitals are set to duke it out with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Let’s see where the smart money is in this chilly matchup.

Washington Capitals to Win (Money Line Odds: 1.60):

The Capitals are like a well-oiled machine, firing on all cylinders. Rested and playing at home, they’re ready to pounce on a struggling Blue Jackets squad. Columbus is on a seven-game losing streak, and the Capitals are smelling blood. Odds at 1.60, it’s a bet that’s colder than the ice they’ll be skating on. Capitals are set to conquer, and the Blue Jackets might just be another notch on their victory belt.

NHL: Calgary Flames vs. New York Islanders – November 18, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET

And now, let’s heat things up with an NHL clash between the Calgary Flames and the New York Islanders. It’s a battle of wills, and I’ve got the line on where your money should be.

Calgary Flames to Win (Money Line Odds: 1.70):

Islanders, oh Islanders, the struggle is real! On a seven-game winless streak and concluding a wearisome six-game road trip, they just want this nightmare to end. The Flames, on the other hand, are stoking the fire. With star goalie Markstrom back in action and coming off a victory against the hot Vancouver Canucks, they’re ready to capitalize on the Islanders’ woes. Confidence may be low on the Island, but the Flames are looking to turn up the heat.

There you have it, folks! Donny Sports delivering the goods, and remember, these picks are hotter than a summer barbecue. Place your bets wisely, and let the games begin! Donny Sports, signing off – may your wins be as sweet as victory itself. 🏀🏒

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