Britains have voted to leave the European Union and it’s a good thing


In a historic vote, BREXIT (Britain exiting the European Union) happened as the people of Britain decided that they no longer wish to be a part of the European Union.

The idea of forming what is to be eventually known as the European Union dated back to 1957 after the two world wars where several European countries came together for protection and prosperity.  Eventually, by November 1, 1993, the European Union became a reality with the 28 member states that created a common marketplace with a single currency to rival the United States.

All was well until the grumbling that rich member states were complaining that they were lifting the heavy load by providing assistance to weaker member states with nothing really in return.

However, what probably pushed Britain out of the European Union was seeing important decisions no longer made in the best interests of the British people.  Eventually, the refugee crisis was the tipping point which ironically was started by the United States during the Iraq war.

Like a domino effect, Libya became the next victim as the country became destabilized when the dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was deposed of.  Afterward Syria’s downward spiral all gave way to the instabilities we see today where many refugees continue to flood European countries.

With the good comes the bad as refugees are seen in both light, but the one that makes the headlines is not the pretty one as the refugees are the scapegoat for many ills affecting the host countries. All have legitimate arguments for and against immigration policies created by the European Union, but what is at the heart of the problem is the culture.  Some refugees, mostly due to religious beliefs, escaping to European Union countries have a hard time integrating and so the clash of cultures has come to the forefront.

And old chaps like Nigel Farage, who is British and a member of the European Union Parliament, but also the loudest outspoken critic of it as well pushed for BREXIT.  It seems that he got what he wanted and we think that he is right.

What had made the European Union tantalizing was the idea of a common currency, marketplace, and mobility of its citizens.  However, like all good ideas, not everyone that is put into practice does not always work. We argue that it was the culture that killed it, but some would say why does the United States, Canada, and Australia work then?

If we look back at the formation of those countries, they have one thing in common, no real culture of its own until one was established by the people that settled there.

Member states of the European Union have their own identities since the formation of their respective countries so it is no wonder that the European Union is becoming a failed experiment.  The refugee crisis only happens to accelerate the process.

As Britain takes back its sovereignty we believe that she shall overcome and come out stronger despite the naysayers, but alas this may be the end for the current European Union. We have a feeling the club is going to get a lot smaller from now.