How Israel’s Security Was Compromised So Easily


When news broke out on October 7, 2023, that Israel’s southern town had been breached and many videos of Hamas fighters breaking down fences using a backhoe loader and soldiers streaming across with no resistance one had to wonder what went wrong.

How was Israel’s security, with its vaunted Iron Dome, compromised so easily that led to the deaths of many Israelis and foreign nationals?

No, this is not an article on which side is right or wrong as protests around the world have shown that there are always two sides to the story, and the answer is always a spectrum of black to white. Nevertheless, the horror of that day was tragic and saddening.

Israel has the Iron Dome to protect itself from rocket fires and a success rate, by some accounts, of at least 90%, but even then that system could not handle the number of rockets fired that day.

However, what was extremely troubling was how, as shown by the videos on X (formerly Twitter), a large group of Hamas fighters could easily come close to the fence and not be seen way ahead of time. Were there no guards manning the wall that day, and no sounding of the alarm button to push?

How Can Future Events Like This Be Prevented?

If security had been on alert this tragedy could have been prevented and a stalemate would have ensued, the countless lost lives would have been avoided.

Let’s face it people, we are living in the 21st century and we need the help of technology considering we have them. Israel should have installed along its border a continuous line of CCTV, ground sensors, motion detectors, and aerial drone runs. That combination of surveillance would have made Hamas think twice about the brazen attack.

Before anyone jumps on the privacy bandwagon, we have to remember this is war and the new age requires new ways of thinking as a deterrent. If we are taking selfies and videos of ourselves every day and sharing them around the world, there should be no complaints about privacy because the alternative is what has happened.

Let’s assume, even though we know what happens if you assume, that there were CCTV and other surveillance apparatuses, then we would like to know what went wrong. System failure? Human failure? Sabatuer? Treason? What?!

People Like Symbolism

Just like America 9/11, people like symbolism and so do freedom fighters or terrorists (always depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on), October 7 attack was on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah and also a day after Yom Kippur war on October 6, 1973. Is there a symbolism here? You can be the judge. But to be on the safe side, one should always treat symbolic days to be not in fear but to always be vigilant.

Don’t Underestimate Human Ingenuity

Looking afar at the Israel and Palestine conflict, it’s easy to say who has the military superiority, and yet October 7, 2023, is a reminder that the human spirit and ingenuity defy that logic.

We have seen it recently with Russia’s special mission into Ukraine and we have seen it before in America’s Vietnam War. The overwhelming might is not a 100% chance of victory.

Take the Iron Dome, overload it and it becomes less effective.

Humans will find a way, but at least make it harder for them.

Technology Can Save Lives and Prevent War

We don’t know what had happened considering Israel is known to have good drone technology, good data and encryption technology, and good technology prowess in general, and a failure of this magnitude is stunning.

Israel will have time for reflection later about what went wrong and how its security was so easily compromised.

But one thing is certain technology can save lives and prevent war because as we said before if we make something harder for humans to solve, they will take longer to come up with solutions to beat those technology barriers.

This will give both sides a lot more talking time.

It is only by more investments in these types of technologies can the Israeli people can feel safer so a peaceful solution can be had.