Delicious Asian foods you need to try


Want to try something new for a change? If you’re sick of the same old fast food that is offered across Toronto, here are some Asian foods that you should try. They’re all delicious and guaranteed to turn you on to new types of food you might not normally eat.

They’re available across Toronto, especially in Scarborough, Chinatown, Markham, and more. We compiled a list of things you should try as well as some locations you can visit to try them at.

Banh Mi

This is the Vietnamese version of a sub sandwich. It is a baguette which has a nice crispy exterior. Ingredients can vary but most of the time it has mayonnaise, liver pate, sliced veggies like carrots, radish, cucumber. Order it spicy or regular. If you get spicy it can burn your tongue, but in a good way. The meat is delicious, which is Vietnamese sausage, pork slices, chicken and a variety of great cold cuts. If you’re on a budget, you could eat this for lunch everyday and still love it. The appeal is its great taste, makes a quick meal, and is price cheap at about $2.25 a sandwich across Toronto.

banh mi


Pho is a noodle soup that is perfectly comfortable and delicious at any time. Pho is very popular in Toronto and people from all ethnics backgrounds have come to discover and love the taste. Pho restaurants are located all over Toronto. The beef noodle soup is the best and most famous version of Pho that you should try. There are other varieties of the same Pho which would be like a seafood version. It is a beef broth with usually thin rice noodles. Sliced rare beef, beef balls, tendon, beef brisket. Every Pho restaurant has the hoisine sauce and hot sauce readily available. The soup is served with the noodles and meats. You get a separate plate of veggies you can add to your desired. This includes bean sprouts, lime slices, and mint leaves. You add the veggies and add some hot sauce and hoisine sauce. Stir it up quickly and enjoy. Visit this link to try some of the best Pho in the city.


Korean BBQ

This is a fun and healthy way to eat with friends. Choose from a variety of meats and seafood which you cook yourself in a table top grill. The meats are thinly sliced and there is a good variety to barbecue with, including slices of chicken, pork, liver, squid, ribs, beef steak, beef briskets. Kim chi, bean sprouts, and a few other pickled veggies are included. Here is a link to some of the best Korean BBQ in Toronto.



Congee is a thick rice porridge which has been boiled to a soupy texture, added is pieces of delightful tasting seafood, meats, eggs. Order it anyway you like. It is perfect food for colder days and good as a healing food. Most congee restaurant have a full menu of chinese food to order with your congee. Congee Queen is one of the most popular and best places to get congee. We recommend you get the seafood congee or Congee Queen special. Also order the fried dough fritters which go perfectly with congee. Here is a list of the best congee in Toronto.



Roasted Pig Lechon is a slow roasted pig, that is cooked until the skin is crunchy. The pork meat is soft, there is a layer of fat, and then the crispy skin. I’m sure it’s not good for the heart, but then again everything that is delicious isn’t either. So if you feel guilty about eating this, you could always burn it off at the gym. It is a favourite for parties where the whole pig is roasted. Lechon is available in many countries, not just Asian ones. There are many styles and names for lechon, but this lechon is available in many Filipino stores. Order one for your next party and watch everyone love you for it. Here is a link where you can order lechon.


Bangus Fish or Milk Fish

This is a simple Filipino favourite. Eating fish can be a great or bad experience depending on what kind of fish you’re eating and how it’s prepared. Lucky for you, the bangus fish tastes great especially when fried. The meat is soft and tasty and fried to a golden color with crispy skin. The unique thing about bangus fish is that is has a centre of rich fat that serves as your prize for finishing the fish.. You can even buy it at your local asian supermarket or store and cook it yourself – as it comes in a pre-marinated package, all you would need to do is fry it like you would fry an egg. You can order it at the following Filipino stores. Buy it at the following Asian supermarkets.


Fried Clams in Black Bean Sauce

I hate eating mussels, oysters, and even clams because they are kind of gross to me. But I love eating fried clams in black bean sauce. The black bean sauce is an amazing sauce that gives any food a nice rich kick in flavor. The best way to eat it is to dip each clam in a bit of hot sauce and enjoy. We usually order the small baby clams which are not too large to eat at one time. Eating larger clams can give you a gagging experience. This is the most adventurous dish for those who want to stay on the safe side of dining. This is available in most Chinese restaurants including the congee places listed above. Also try the fried lobster in black bean sauce.



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