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A Social Experiment – What Would Happen if Rob Ford Becomes Mayor Again?

Would you vote Rob Ford for mayor again?

That might seem like a laughable question, but let’s indulge and consider what would happen if Mayor Fords gets a chance at another term.

As the election phase heads through the summer and into the cooler months, Toronto has some big decisions to consider.  Toronto is clearly divided in terms of how our beautiful city should be run and where we focus resources on to. This divide in philosophy between the core downtowners and the Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York suburbanites is actually how Rob Ford became mayor in the first place.  Add in the great garbage strike and the perception that city hall is full of spend first councillors and you had a lot of people who were sitting on the fence supporting Ford in the 2010 election.

However, 4 years later, the doom and gloom Toronto was headed for by the “leftists” didn’t happen and Toronto continues to chug along.  Ford has made it especially interesting though.  His episodes of crack smoking, drunken rants, and Chris Farley-like behavior is well documented by Toronto media.  Toronto through all this has unexpectedly gained much attention worldwide as the media of other countries wanted to know more about our crazy crack-smoking mayor.

With all of Toronto media attacking Rob Ford at every turn, it would seem hard to believe that Rob Ford can do the unthinkable and become Mayor of Toronto for another 4 years.  In 2010 most left-leaning voters were left shocked by the ascendence of Rob Ford.  However, in 2014 most of these voters were out in full force during the provincial election, determined on handing Kathleen Wynne’s embattled government a majority win.  Meanwhile, conservative voters decided to stay home on election night because they couldn’t stand the thought of Tim Hudak as our provincial leader.  This combination led the Liberals to a resounding win and major damage to the PC Party.

With Wynne’s new leftist Liberal government in full power, the stage is set for Toronto to be amalgamated into a true Liberal stronghold.  All they have to do is get Ford out and get Olivia Chow in as Toronto’s new mayor.  This all seems quite easy enough.  Ford has not done himself any favors through his drug and drinking problem.  Every new media coverage shows Ford in a negative light, getting hammered by professional protesters at every public appearance.

So the question now is are you going to let this happen?  Will you set the stage for Toronto to be ruled by policies that favour one party’s political agenda or will you choose democracy and keep the government in check?

One thing is clear, there is a concentrated effort to take all rights away from the citizens of Toronto.  Consider that Rob Ford won the election as voted by you but on the eve of his election win, Toronto city councilors vowed to deny Ford mayoral powers.  This was fulfilled when councilors voted to remove all mayoral powers and executive decision-making from Ford and handed it to deputy mayor Norm Kelly.

Let’s propose a social experiment.  Let’s vote Rob Ford back into power this October.  Now we know what you are thinking.  Why would you want to vote a crack-smoking overweight buffoon back into office?

By putting Rob Ford into office we will accomplish some huge things:

  • We will exercise our power of democracy
  • We will let the government know that media and political agendas cannot brainwash our people into submission
  • We will see if city hall councilors will again try to take power away from Ford, thereby proving that they do not recognize or acknowledge the will of the voters.
  • We will keep a majority government from bullying their agenda through despite the objections of its citizens.

If you are worried that voting Rob Ford in could ruin the city, then let’s take a look at history.  Since 2010 has Toronto moved backwards or forward with Rob Ford at the wheels while on crack?  You see, Toronto is not dependent on any one person for it to function.  Toronto is a collection of individuals that make up the fabric of our nation.

Here are some good things, believe it or not, that happened to Toronto while having Rob Ford as Mayor:

  • Reduction of fees (Vehicle Licensing).
  • Plastic bag fiasco is eliminated
  • Garbage contract settled
  • Union contracts settled
  • City finishes the year with a huge surplus
  • Gay Pride attendance was largest in history (Unintended consequence of Rob Ford’s antics)

So it is apparent history proves that having Rob Ford as mayor is not as bad as the media will have you believe.  So what do you have to lose by voting for Rob Ford? Nothing.  What do you gain?  You will send a message to our corrupt politicians and crown organizations that you still hold the power over them in your votes.

The once mighty and ideal Liberal government is now a former shell of itself.  Whether it’s the billion dollar gas plants, ORANGE scandal, EHealth, or the Pan AM games, the Liberal politicians have displayed a remarkable hatred and defiance to our desires for a responsible government.

If you think things are expensive now, then it’s about to get much worse if we continue to roll over and ignore what is happening.  Take a look at California and Detroit.  Through irresponsible spending and corruption, these government regions are broke and cannot sustain the most basic of services.  Money is not all-important in this world, but if you spend your own money in the same manner as to how these governments have, then you too would be broke.

This October 2014, when you head to the voting booth, go ahead and vote Rob Ford and let’s put this social experiment into effect.

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