Are Rob Ford Supporters Really Stupid?

Rob Ford supporters stupid?
Rob Ford supporters, stupid?

Are you planning on voting for Rob Ford so he can be our mayor for “Ford More Years”?

Well if you are then you might want to check if you suffer from stupidity or are just an uneducated fool.  Ask any downtowner and they will dismiss this phenomenon as a case of masses of mentally challenged schleps who are rallying behind their dearly beloved leader.

Rob Ford has a laundry list of behaviour and deeds which would have you question whether he is fit to be a mayor.  Smoking crack would be at the top of this list.  Recorded antics of his rants insulting just about every configuration of humankind are well known and available for quick viewing on Youtube and thousands of sites worldwide.  His buffoon like movements, his beet-red face, and oversized body reminds us of the Juggernaut on a drunken rampage.  So knowing all these things, how could you possibly entertain the thought of voting for Ford?

So our question is are the Rob Ford supporters just a bunch of dimwits who cannot think for themselves?  Are they inbreeding backwoods country folks that are named Jeb or even worse Vern?  Who would vote for such a man who is known to express himself in the manner of a WWF wrestler?  How strong exactly is Ford Nation?  How many cousins and uncles make up Ford’s unconditional supporters?

We decided to hold quick interviews with both haters and supporters of Rob Ford to see how smart or stupid they really are.

The first candidate we met Braddock lives near downtown.  Braddock doesn’t own a car and rides a bike and uses the TTC to get around.  He’s a vegetarian and lives in a rooming house.  Braddock cannot stand Ford and when we questioned why he said Ford is a big idiot and has no business being mayor.  We asked him if that is the case, then why would people want to vote for him.  Braddock seemed quite intelligent and articulate, but he couldn’t directly explain why.  Braddock came to the conclusion that not everybody should be allowed to vote because a lot of voters are dumb.  We questioned as to whether this was undemocratic.  Braddock replied while all people have a right to vote, just the stupid ones should not vote.  After realizing we had stepped into a recursive answer, we let Braddock leave for his daily trip to Starbucks.

We met Susan at the YMCA in downtown Toronto on Grovesnor Street.  As we stepped through the gates that separate the paying privileged members of the YMCA from the bums that could not afford the $60 monthly payment, we saw Susan yelling at the overhead TV.  Nobody was there, just Susan and the TV.  Yet she was angry.  Looking up, we found the source of her anger.  Rob Ford holding a press conference.  She turned to see our puzzled looks and offered a quick “I can’t stand that idiot!” explanation.  We said well isn’t Rob Ford entertaining?  Susan seemed to froth at the mouth, but she recovered and said he’s a freaking circus clown, not our mayor!   Although this seemed like a really bad time to ask, we did anyways.  So why do people vote for him?  Susan said I would never vote for that fat loser and anyone that does has no effing clue what they are talking about.    We didn’t want Susan to go into epileptic seizures so we offered her good wishes and discreetly left the room quickly.

Two quick interviews and what we learned is that Rob Ford supports are idiots and numbskulls like their stupid leader.  There was no specific explanation of why someone was just that they are.

Days later we attended the Filipino Trade Show at the Metro Convention Centre and lo and behold, Rob Ford showed up and was instantly mobbed by the Filipino attendees.  They came in droves and flashed mob around him asking for pictures smiling incredulously.  Rob Ford seemed genuinely happy to be around them and despite taking many picture requests, he still took a moment to accommodate all requests.  Rob Ford in the Filipino community was like a megastar from Manila!

We caught up with Harold who was manning the halo halo booth (a desert / drink).  We saw him rushing to get a picture with Ford and asked him about it.  We asked why he liked Rob Ford and does he know what the mayor says about minorities and immigrants?  Harold said that Rob Ford looked like the only person who really wanted to be Toronto’s mayor.  What about his drug use?  Harold said, that although Ford had used drugs, he still did his job well and the city was running fine.  Harold was not happy about all the high taxes and wasteful spending he thought was going on.  Harold wants to buy a house in Toronto but the land transfer tax is a big detractor.  We did not want to insult Harold and ask if he was stupid, but found out he is studying to become a nurse.  So we figured he was semi-intelligent.

Paul lives near Oakwood and Vaughan road.  He has been a resident there for the last 20 years.  Paul has seen many things happen there.  Shootings, failed business, low income families, immigrants are a staple of Oakwood and Vaughan Road.  Paul was especially unhappy that a planned homeless shelter was being added to the area.  We asked Paul if he thought its Ford’s fault that this is happening.  Paul said Ford is an idiot but we need him down in city hall.  When asked why would he want such a contrasting situation, Paul said it was to keep the other pigs in check.

So there you have it.  No real answers.  Just Ford a political phenomenon, hated by those who achieved higher education, adored by the rest who couldn’t possibly know any better.