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Donny’s NBA 2012-2013 Eastern Conference Teams Preview

Hey Hoop Fans, Donny Sports is back with your NBA Teams Preview for the coming season. It's been a long summer and Lebron and his...

BlackBerry Death Knell: Live or Die?

BlackBerry announced it is laying off 4,500 employees worldwide as it reported second quarter revenues of $1.6 billion instead of their forecast of $3...

Apple’s new iPhones 5S and 5C disappoint again

Apple announced the long-awaited latest version of their iPhone on Tuesday, September 2013 to yawns and ho-hums again. However instead of giving us one...

Better tasered than being shot, but common sense is best

Today's announcement that Ontario will allow frontline police officers to be armed with tasers is good news for the general public as it might...

Let the man have a drink will you?

Rob Ford is a walking headline. Whatever he does, wherever he goes he gets Hollywood treatment from the "paparazzi". The jellowy mayor of Toronto...

Sammy Yatim’s death exposes police brutality in Toronto

I woke up Saturday morning and heard what everyone else in Toronto had already did. Sammy Yatim, an 18 year old teenager originally from...
David Cameron's Great Idea

UK blocks online porn, Canada is next

Oh Boy. You have to give David Cameron credit. In a strong showing of his government's crackdown on child porn, he decided to save...

Oh Rob Ford, wherefore art thou Robbie?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and not meant to represent any actual person or organization. Is Rob Ford for real? Or is he...

Astronaut Chris Hadfield brought space down to earth

For anyone that has been following astronaut Chris Hadfield, the Canadian commander of the International Space Station, he has become somewhat of a rock...

The less flashy reasons the Maple Leafs will end their playoff drought

According to Sportsclubstats.com the Maple Leafs have a 98.9% chance of making the playoffs in 2013, a number that even the most pessimistic fan...