Apple Siri vs Vlingo


Since the launch of Apple iPhone 4S, one of the most notable features of that launch was Siri, the personal virtual voice-activated digital assistant, but now that the hype has died down, is it still relevant?

We compared the Apple Siri virtual personal digital assistant against Vlingo, another virtual digital assistant, and found that we like Vlingo much better than Siri. At first, Siri’s witty remarks when you asked it a question was exciting and fun, but now that nostalgia has died down, it’s now just another feature of what to expect in a smartphone.

Here’s the breakdown between Siri and Vlingo:

Apple’s iPhone Siri vs Vlingo
Siri Vlingo
Market comes with Apple iPhone 4S Available on the Android market and through their website
Devices iPhone Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows
Price pre-installed on the Apple iPhone 4S Free
Search Google Google, Bing, Yahoo
Connection Requires WiFi or other connection Requires WiFi or other connection
Best Features  Use voice to set reminders, send messages, search, schedule meetings, check weather, send email Use voice to send message, received message and search information
In Car Feature No Yes


Although Apple Siri still is better than Vlingo in terms of richer features, Vlingo’s main advantage over Siri is its Vlingo InCar feature. The reason is simple, using Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, you can safely drive your car and still get things done while on the go.

As most people spend a lot of time in their car, not being able to do anything before having the ability to do constructive things now put, in our opinion, the edge over Siri.

Until Apple iPhone’s Siri comes with an in-car feature and bigger screen, we believe Vlingo will overcome Siri and be the dominant virtual assistant app as Vlingo improves and adds to its features.