Google’s Project Glass is going taking us to new possibilities

Google Glasses Project 2012
Google Glasses Project 2012 Credit: Dan Leveille,

Google recently came out showing us their latest invention, the augmented reality glasses, that will make your life and the way you live ever closely immerse with the computing world.

In their Youtube video, which you can see here below it shows a guy waking up to what seems like his regular day except he has already on his Google’s Glasses which allows him to interact automatically with voice commands or with the simple everyday gestures that we normally do such as looking outside to see what’s the weather is like, and a HUD display of the weather forecast shown to him in real-time, and as he eats his breakfast he is able to send out a voice message to his friend.

Now as we follow this person from the time he walks out the door to the end of his day he encounters many things that his glasses is able to help him with, either subway updates or finding the location of his friend. Although the video is quite interesting we wait for the product to be released to the consumers the claims of this wonderful gadget is real or simply hype.

We think it is quite amazing if it is real as this would almost be akin to having your own personal virtual robot assistant on the go, who helps you throughout your day through the myriad of challenges that await you, although I never had a problem doing it on my own in the first place. I’m sure readers would all agree too, but it would nice to have.

Real or the stuff of fantasy, you decide.


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