Should Doug Ford be Toronto’s next mayor?

Doug Ford and Rob Ford
Doug Ford and Rob Ford

Rob Ford is out. Left-leaning councillors are salivating at the idea of taking back ultimate power down at Toronto city hall. They can now choose one of their own to lead Toronto again.

Remember this is the same council that wants to ban plastic bags, keep Toronto’s land transfer tax that is costing homebuyers hugely on their mortgages and generally make life more costly and oppressive for Toronto residents. However, if we have another election the people of Toronto will get to decide where we will go on from here.

Of course, the list of candidates for the next mayor offer only more of spending and increasing taxes. Why not consider Doug Ford, the brother of Rob Ford to keep Toronto moving forward and running efficiently?

Even though Doug has not been reported to consider running if there’s an election, he is the perfect candidate for Toronto as a mayor. Rob Ford could run again, but it’s unlikely he could win, simply because the public now considers him an unstable person. He should be coaching rather than doing the boring job of a mayor. Rob Ford is good at heart and wants Toronto running better. He’s achieved many good things since he’s been mayor. Rob Ford ‘s problem is that he has too many things going on and his attitude is is causing him most of his troubles. On the other hand, Doug Ford has shown to be much more diplomatic and still carries the same ideals as Rob Ford. Although Doug Ford is a right-leaning councillor, he’s got more respect from all the councillors as compared to Rob Ford. This is essential as a mayor whose mandate is to keep Toronto running well, but not putting its budget out of control. He will have to be able to negotiate well with all councillors whether left or right-leaning.

What are your other choices? Olivia Chow would most certainly run for mayor as she receives more encouragement. Her connection with the late Jack Layton would give her more recognition than all other candidates. Past candidates include Jim Hudak, Rocco Rossi, Joe Pantalone, and George Smitherman. Since Toronto didn’t vote for any of these past candidates, someone new would have to step up. Karen Stintz may run, but it will be more of the same. Adam Vaughan may also run and it’s doubtful he will win. Add Doug Ford to the picture, then you have a sane version of Rob Ford. This would make the election quite interesting with front runners Olivia Chow against Doug Ford. There’s a good chance Olivia Chow could win because anyone who doesn’t want to see the Ford brothers back in city hall will be out to vote on election day.

Toronto’s experiment with Rob Ford is over. More of a reality tv character, Rob Ford has dug himself into a hole so deep that he’s buried. He’ll probably be supportive of the idea of having his brother Doug run the city since he trusts him. Doug Ford has done a good job of keeping himself apart from Rob Ford’s antics. That’s to be commended all things considering.

If you support the idea of having Doug Ford run as mayor, why not send him an email? Contact Doug Ford and let him know you want him as Toronto’s next mayor. His email is: