Solving the European Refugee Crisis

European refugee crisis
European refugee crisis

Global headlines about the European refugee crisis have become so common that they no longer shock us and in truth why would they considering we have so many distractions to deal with in this ever-changing digital world.

However, if we don’t address and solve this issue quickly, potentially we could face a danger greater than we could ever imagine, this humanitarian crisis could be the trigger to World War 3.

More on the trigger to World War 3 later, but let us remember the old saying that goes “If you break it, you buy it.”  And it only seems like yesterday when George W Bush victoriously proclaimed “Mission Accomplished!” after the United States successfully defeated  Saddam Hussein and his mass weapons of destruction.  Oh wait, it was actually “Mission Accomplished!” in bringing democracy to the starving Iraqi people who had none.  That sounds about right.

Instead, somehow after the fall of Iraq, the seed of democracy that was planted did not bloom as expected, instead, the region and neighboring countries like Libya and Syria have become wastelands where lawlessness runs rampant.  Powerful countries from near and afar are all jockeying for influence and control.  The new law of the land reverted to the primitive law of the jungle where only the strong survive and the weak are but a plaything,  to be used and abused.

And so like all other times throughout history, when the weak cannot fight back, they try to escape leaving everything behind, their lands, homes, loved ones and identity for a better life and future elsewhere.

That elsewhere just happens to be European countries, but when the refugees thought they found safety, they were wrong.  The kind European countries that would have welcomed immigrants and refugees with outreach hands over 30 years ago are scared now.  They are scared of these refugees who could potentially do them harm in the future due to cultural differences; they are scared of the drain on the national coffers and most important they are scared of being replaced.  Who can blame them? Multiculturalism was an aspiration of the highest ideal of what humanity should strive for in the next chapter in human history, but instead, multiculturalism failed miserably to live up to expectations.

So where can these refugees go now that no country wants them?  They will roam around like vagabonds in despair wondering why won’t anyone help them?  Tent cities might get erected here and there, maybe not too far from the safety of near friendly borders, but far enough from the terror that awaits at home.  Some countries might throw them a bone or two, but not enough to give them dignity.

After some time of being treated like an unloved child, these refugees will head right back into the open arms of the terrorist radical groups that would bring harm to them.  The former refugees, inspired by a new doctrine of us versus them, they will now help make our world a more dangerous one.

And then this begets the start of World War 3 because eventually one country after another will get pulled into different escalating conflicts that will consume the Middle East and eventually Europe.  With no end in sight for the normalcy of world order, one big bomb after another will go off because we got plenty of those sitting around just waiting to be used.

However, we can avoid all of this dire prediction by taking care of the problem that was started.  It comes back to the idea that “If you break it, you gotta fix it.”  And if America is truly exceptional then they will take the lead and go back to the different places like Iraq that is broken and fix it.

If the United States were to provide security to Iraq, Libya, and Syria, the refugee crisis would be abated because there is no doubt that the best place to be when there are security and prosperity is home.

If anyone thinks that this scenario is too far fetched, think what has happened this week.  Russia decided to take some pointers from the United States playbook and started dropping bombs on terrorists.  This refugee crisis just took a turn for the worst because now we have new worries of friendly fire if you can even call it that.