What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung is about to launch their flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 on May 3, 2012 in London, England. Many are anticipating this launch and like the iPhone’s launch, rumors are running wild again. And in some way that is exactly what Samsung wants and to further the rumor mills, we have our own take on what you can expect from the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

You can expect the following specs for the new Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • 4.7″ – 4.85″ of Super Amoled HD
  • Exynos 4 Quad Core processor
  • 1MB to 2MB RAM (we belive 2MB, the first in the industry)
  • 12 mega pixel rear camera with flash and 2 mega pixel front facing
  • 1080p vidoe recording
  • Enhanced TouchWiz
  • New Premium Suite software that was recently debut for their Galaxy Note will most likely be incorporated with Galaxy S3 as well
  • Ice cream sandwich (ICS 4)
  • Very thin bezel with screen size taking up most of the phone
  • LTE speed
  • Longer battery life, 2250 mAh

Samsung has launched two new trailer teasers, which you can view the latest below. Samsung has also been poking fun at Apple’s iPhone users in the past and they thinly did so again by referring Apple’s fanboys as iSheep. However, when watching the teaser, Samsung says that its technology is a natural part of life that fits perfectly in your hand, your view of the world becomes wider and we gained the power to explore freely and swiftly. If you break down the hidden meanings: Samsung is basically saying that they integrated work and play into the smartphone, hence the new Premium Suite; the smartphone will be big enough that you can hold with one hand, hence the size being the relatively the same (maybe slightly bigger); your view of the world becomes wider, meaning better camera hence the 12 mega pixel and power to explore freely and swiftly means longer battery life and most likely LTE speed.

Lately Samsung has been on a tear, with huge profits in each quarter and then surpassing Nokia recently by taking the number one spot world-wide for selling the most hand phones. It seems at this moment Samsung’s surge is really scaring Apple as it is trying to do everything it can to stop Samsung’s momentum with the many lawsuits they brought against them. If anyone can challenge Apple’s dominance, we are betting it’s Samsung at this stage of the race.