Why you should pass on the iPhone 4S this Christmas


The iPhone 4s recently launched in Canada and as we go into the Christmas holiday season I would advise you to pass up on it.

For those who are not familiar with the new iPhone 4S, it is the latest addition to the iPhone family of products. It is supposed to be the most amazing product yet with a dual-core A5 chip, all new 8 mega-pixels optics, iOS 5 and iCloud, and the much talked about Siri, the personal digital assistant. I must admit that having used the iPhone 4S it loaded with impressive specs and it is definitely fast, especially the camera.

Navigating through the system is a breeze and the different applications’ load time and response are all equally good. With all of the praises that I just heaped on the iPhone 4S then I can guess you saying “Why not the iPhone 4S then?” The answer is quite simple, it is unfortunately not “the most amazing product yet.”

Here are the reasons why, first of all, the iPhone is no longer the premiere product on the market, although it is the market leader there are alternatives that are as good or even better. And, once you get tired of Siri nostalgic effects, it becomes quite boring. In addition, Siri is not currently able to operate properly in Canada meaning it can’t look up Canadian locations and make the necessary recommendations. I think, probably the biggest reason to avoid the iPhone 4S is that the screen is still the same size. The iPhone 4S screen is just too small for the marketplace today. I tried using it as a GPS to get around and it disappoints because it is hard to see, especially when you have to focus on the road. The iPhone 4S’s screen compared to its rivals including Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony seems like a kid’s phone.

What are the alternatives? You can buy the 4.3″ HTC EVO 3D, LG Optimus 3D, or Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G for one cent ($0.01) with a three-year contract with Rogers. Getting a phone that you know you will be getting for almost for free is always better than paying for it.

Apple will just have to try harder as its competitors have all caught up. Bring on the iPhone 5 and it better be “the most amazing product yet” otherwise, we will start to see the repeat of what RIM is going through now.