Top 10 Things Not to do on Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Things Not to Do On Valentine's Day
Top 10 Things Not to Do On Valentine's Day

Top 10 Things Not to do on Valentine’s Day.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day being next week on February 14th, we decided to compile a list of what not to do on Valentine’s Day. Some of the things in our list are common sense, but then again we don’t always use common sense which can lead to our mishaps for that day. As we all know Valentine’s Day can be one of the best days in the year or one of those days that you wish would just go away.

However, we at Leaf Magazine got you covered so you can turn that day into the best day ever. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Things Not to do on Valentine’s Day:

This list is directed mostly for the guys as we all know it’s usually the guys’ job to do these things, but women can also hopefully get a little bit of humour out of our list as well.

10. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

For some people, this is common sense, but for others brushing your teeth is one of those suggestive things we should do, but don’t always. It is important especially today to brush your teeth.

9. Don’t forget to compliment her/him leading up to Valentine’s Day!

A little compliment goes a long way and can help you set the mood as women are all about feelings, while guys just have to play the game.

8. Don’t forget to plan something special!

Don’t forget to plan something special, it can be a dinner date outside at that restaurant that you always wanted to go to, but never had the time. Or if your budget is a little tight, you can do something simple at home by cooking her dinner, even if you have no skills cooking at all. Women tend to like the efforts in this kind of situation as much as the taste of the food.

7. Don’t forget to buy her flowers!

Most women love flowers so don’t forget to buy them. Not all women like roses, but they are the preferred choice, however, if you want to do something different try getting her a different type of flowers, something new and unexpected. Just make sure you ask the florist that the kind of flowers you are buying are not meant to symbolize something else, but love. And, of course, not all women like flowers so buy something that she likes and does not expect you to do.

6. Don’t forget to change your underwear!

This should be done every day, but again common sense doesn’t always prevail, so here is your reminder.

5. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone or stop checking your email, Twitter, Facebook or whatever gadget addiction you are on!

Remember guys, it’s all about the women. Don’t you ever forget that if you want to have a happy time on that day and happy life. As the saying goes, if you are one of the lucky ones, “A happy life is a happy wife.”

4. Don’t forget to call her at least three times a day leading up to Valentine’s Day and tell her how much you [insert here one of the following: (care, love her, how beautiful she is)]

You should get the picture by now and if you don’t, go back to item number five of the list.

3. Don’t forget to buy a gift!

You might have bought flowers already and even gone out for dinner, but buy her a gift for the extra bonus point. You will be well rewarded for the effort later on.

2. Don’t forget to talk about her!

You had a bad day? Doesn’t matter. It might get worst, if your conversation doesn’t center around your center of the universe…. by now you should know who this is. If you don’t go back and read the list again and again until you do.

1. Don’t forget that it is Valentine’s Day!

For goodness sake, if you have forgotten everything else on this list, don’t’ forget it is Valentine Day’s! No matter how late it is or how much money you have to spend because you have forgotten it is Valentine’s Day, spend it my friend, spend it. It’s never too late to get her a gift or set something up, especially with all of the wonderful smartphone gadgets at your disposal, otherwise, you will never hear the end of it.

Disclaimers: Please don’t take this too seriously as this is meant to add humour to that special day which is Valentine’s Day.