A Casino is good for Toronto

Toronto casino
Toronto casino

Building a casino in Toronto at the Exhibition Place would help with our funding shortfall and may even put Toronto on the map as being not such a boring place to visit.

One of the things people complained about when visiting Toronto is that it is a great city to visit, but there is nothing to do. Now if the Ontario Lottery Corporation were to build a casino here, it would be one of the best moves they ever made. Looking at reports about addiction to gambling and some of the other related issues associated with casinos and gambling, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. People are not naive enough to not think that there might not be issues associated with having a casino.

However, because of where the casino would be located at the Exhibition Place, it is the ideal location because it can also help to revitalize Ontario Place as well and far away from the city, but close enough to be within the city. So the effect of having people invade your privacy is a lot less than if the casino were to be placed closer to residential areas.

When plans for Toronto’s casino at Exhibition Place are drawn up, the planners must not just think about the casino in itself, but the surrounding areas so it will be a win-win situation for all, revenue for the city, jobs for the people, tourist attractions that will include everything for the whole family if done right.

It’s time Toronto became the world-class city that it is meant to be. We have a few venues for music and show performances already, we are starting to get luxury hotels and now we need the glitz and glamor of the casino where visitors from around the world can come and enjoy.

The Toronto Star on Friday, February 3rd reported that a poll shows that 50% of Torontonians do not want a casino, so the other 50% are either undecided or in favor and once those who opposed get all of the information, they may change their minds and support Toronto’s casino.

However The Globe and Mail reported on Friday, February 1st that nothing is ruled out as John Tory, who was an opposition leader in provincial politics, has been selected to head the panel to come up with ideas to generate more revenues for tourist attractions.

With two opposing views points from two major dailies, we think that we need to hear from the common people so, please let us know what you think by commenting for this article or voting on our poll which will run for this whole month of February.


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