What will happen on December 2012?


Will the world end on December 21, 2012? If it does, how will it happen? What will you do about it? Here we are in July and it is about 5 months away from the “end of the world”. According to the ancient Mayans, December 21, 2012 will be the end of their calendar period.

It will be the end of an era. What does that mean? Will it be the end of the year (November, December, then back to January) or does it mean something even more? Well, the conspiracy theorists are out in full bloom on this one.

While many of us are just crossing our fingers, hoping that nothing will happen and that we can go about our daily lives the day after, there are many others expecting and preparing for the worst. Some think a huge natural disaster will happen. Others predict an asteroid hitting Earth. Yet there are even more that think aliens will visit Earth. The Christians believe Jesus will return, what he will do however is up for debate, since the book of Revelations does not paint a rosy return at all.

If we are to use history to record end-of-time predictions, it seems that every prediction has never come true. The latest one was by Harold Camping predicting the beginning of the end on May 21, 2011. He predicted earthquakes but then later said that the earthquakes were the hearts of men shaking in fear from God. Camping was wrong but has benefited financially from his antics as he was reported to be worth over $72 million dollars from running his doomsday radio show.

Although previous predictions have been proven untrue, this coming date is interesting since it is part of the Mayan inscriptions from about 1300 years ago. The Mayan calendar has a 5,125-year cycle and this December it will end. There are many Mayan drawings and carvings of aliens, otherwise known as Gods visiting them, so it is hard not to think aliens may be visiting us soon. Better break out the fine China.

Here’s some other wild ideas as to what could happen:

  • The Antichrist will appear to begin the end of time.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Jesus will return.
  • Planet X will hit Earth. This is tied to the date of December 21, 2012, when Planet X will circle back in orbit into our solar system and cause great destruction.
  • Aliens will come to Earth to enlighten us and help us evolve to the next dimension which includes becoming telepathic and clairvoyant (read minds, see the future).
  • Aliens will come to earth and enslave us for work or even food.
  • A black hole will swallow up the earth.
  • A nuclear war devastates the earth. Possibly from the Middle East.
  • The poles of the earth will shift causing huge natural disasters such as quakes, floods, storms, and ecological damage.

While it is more than likely that it will just be another day on this Earth, we should stop to think about what we are doing with the time we have. Are we using this time we have before everything explodes to make the best of it? Most of us are just resigned to going to work daily and following the same routines. We worry about money, losing it, getting more of it, bills, food, and relationships yet we are slow to do things about it. Are we doomed to continue this cycle of daily struggle or can we live out the end of times in a better light? I believe that all of us on Earth have the ability to change and make our world better in every way. If nations are to come together and live as one nation called Earth, then maybe then will we begin to see world peace happen. Maybe then we will be able to fight poverty and hunger if all the people in the world would think of each other as one big family rather than enemies that are on opposite borders.

Who knows? One day it could happen that Earth may be hit by a huge asteroid or swallowed up in a black hole. It’s something we can’t control. However if Earth were to stop fighting wars and if greed caused by money were to become a concept unacceptable to humans, then perhaps we have a chance of survival. Instead of committing billions of dollars and human life to fight a war amongst our own human race, we could unite the nations into one, learn, and develop technology together, so that we could save the human race. Whether it be moving to another planet if Earth becomes doomed beyond our control or being able to divert asteroids and other huge objects it would seem our time and efforts are better spent doing this than fighting and killing into the end of time. That could be something to look forward to don’t you think?