Android: The Way Forward


Google’s Android has captured over 50% of the smartphone market share thanks to the free operating system that they give away to companies like Samsung, HTC and Motorala.

As the Android platform continues to improve and offering from handset makers, like Samsung continues to launch exciting products, Apple will have to make changes to their smartphone because it will only be a matter of time before they experience what RIM is going through right now which is loss of market share and consumers jumping to other handset markers.

Apple die-hard fans and supporters will most likely reject this as they see Apple’s profits and sales records reaching of unheard of levels, but the party is starting to come to an end due to the fact that other handset markers are able to create excitement by providing new and innovative technologies that are sometimes ahead of Apple and also provide the most important thing which is value. Because the smartphone is so common now the choice is there for consumers most have turned to Google’s Android.

2011 Smartphone Market Share (3rd QTR): (Source: Gartner)

Google Android 52.5%
Nokia’s Symbian 16.9%
Apple 15%
RIM 11%
* Rest of market shares accounted by others such as Windows 7 phones

Although, Google Android has gained over 50% in market share they will to have to provide a better experience in their Android Market by offering more apps and quality ones as well. However, since Google’s strategy is not always so apparent at first, we can guess that the increased market share is good news for them and they will have something planned to take advantage of this turn of event.


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