Apple adds new mapping service to solidfy ecosystem


At their 23rd annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday Apple made three major announcements: new mapping service, iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. All of these things will continue to help solidified Apple’s ecosystem from competitors.

What has been interesting this year is the introduction of Apple’s new mapping service as they have been using Google Maps since the introduction of their Apple iPhone in 2007. However as users continue to rely on Google Map for their everyday directional needs, they are realizing that if they can control this reliance by introducing their own mapping system where, besides bringing their own unique user’s experience to the map, they can probably introduce other services in a way that they can’t right now with Google Map.

Yet we can also add to why Apple needs to have its own mapping service is probably to weaken Google’s hold on many aspects of their core strengths such as search and the other being mapping service which is used by regular consumers and businesses ubiquitously. As Apple has probably spent millions, if not billions, on this new mapping service we wonder how good it will be as Google has first-mover advantage.

In addition to their new mapping service, Apple will also be launching iOS 6 in the fall, which will include Siri for the iPad and the new operating system for their Mac computer called OS X Mountain Lion coming earlier in July.

Time will tell on how receptive people will be toward its new mapping service.  After watching Apple presentation, it does look promising, but we hope it won’t disappoint like Siri which we found to be more hype than substance.