Astronaut Chris Hadfield brought space down to earth

Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Astronaut Chris Hadfield

For anyone that has been following astronaut Chris Hadfield, the Canadian commander of the International Space Station, he has become somewhat of a rock star and his persona continues to grow larger than life.

What has made this astronaut different from the likes of Neil Armstrong, Marc Garneau and many others who ventured into space before him is his ability to communicate with everyday ordinary people from adults to children from around the world. He is the first astronaut to truly bring the space down to earth by helping us understand it’s not such a scary dark place up there after all.

Although he has been in space two times before, this time is different because of his regular broadcasting to school children, taking their questions and answering them, doing simple demonstrations such as how one would wash their hands in space, shaving, showing us how to sleep in space or even getting people together across Canada and the world for a sing-along that will make “Is Somebody Singing?” a future classic, written by Hadfield and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies.

We have always wondered about the vast infinite space and how frightening of a place it can be, but after seeing and hearing Chris Hadfield having such a fun time up there, many people will now think differently about space and space travel. Sometimes we think that this is the beginning of our ascension ” … to boldly go where no man has gone before.” as we borrow the popular phrase from Star Trek.

Whether you follow him through the Youtube videos, his Twitter account or Facebook, you can be sure that he has helped light the fire for many children around the world wanting to become astronauts.

How to wash your hands in space Youtube video: