Popular Toy Robots for Kids at Any Age

Even at a young age, there are several people who start to have an interest in robots. Perhaps, this has really influenced the kids today because robots are one of the toys that they want to own, especially the boys. Raising your kids properly is very important, and to make sure that they will be able to enjoy their childhood as much as they can, choosing the best toys for them is also important.

Toy robots are very popular with kids today, which is why they are considered to be among the best presents that you can give to children. There are different popular fun toy robots that you may consider, depending on the interest of your children. In addition to that, you must also make sure that you are giving something that is suitable for the age of your kids. Robot kits can be found in most toy stores; thus, it would not be difficult for you to look for them.

Here are some of the toy robots that you can give to your children that they will definitely enjoy.

3 Sphero

Sphero, a Smartphone-controlled Robot Ball

Sphero, a creation of Orbotix, is considered to be one of the highly programmable toy robots ever made, which is suitable not just for adults, but also for children. This smart robot has the capacity to have advanced and responsive transportation even on challenging terrains because it is covered in a waterproof, polycarbonate shell.

Moreover, this toy robot is compatible with iOS and Android, two of the most popular operating systems of smartphones today. More than 23 apps and games are readily available for download, which suits all ages. With its cable-free induction charging, it implies that it is always readily available for playing. Both kids and adults will definitely love this toy robot, especially the gadget geeks.

2 Vtech gadget the robot
Vtech Gadget the Robot

VTech’s Gadget the Robot

For parents with kids aged 3-7 years old, Gadget the Robot by VTech is a great choice. As a matter of fact, a lot of parents really prefer this robot because it teaches little ones all about the basics, such as letters, numbers, music, objects, and a lot more. Using Gadget makes it more exciting to learn different lessons.

The body of this toy robot spins around and makes it look like it has its own life. It even dances and reacts to clapping noises. For sure, little kids will be able to enjoy this kind of robot. Several parents are using educational toys in developing their children’s skills, which makes it easier for parents to train their kids at a young age. This helps stimulate the independent play of the kids, as well as enhance their curiosity and exploration.

1 Attacknid Battle Spider Robot
Attacknid Battle Spider Robot

Attacknid by Combat Creatures

Another popular toy robot is Attacknid by Combat Creatures, which features 360 degrees total control, combat armor, high-velocity dissector discs. The electronic battle brain is the main target, and it would mean Attacknid Shut Down once you get three direct hits. Attacknid becomes disabled, just like in a real-life video game, once it gets hit too many times.
Attacknid is a combat-ready robot that is powered through remote control. It moves around, aims and fires at each other using discs and darts. Kids aged 6-14 years old will surely enjoy playing with this robot because of the action. If your kids are interested in battles, they will surely love Attacknid.

There are still many toy robots to choose from, which might interest your kids. If you feel that they are interested in constructing pieces together, you can also look for robot kits such as Bioloid GP Grand Prix Humanoid Robot Kit. Moreover, this particular robot can also be programmed. However, you should prepare yourself once you see the price tag. It might change your mind with regards to buying the toy robot for your kid.

Since your little kids are the ones who will play with these toy robots, it would be better to not spend so much because there is a big possibility that your kids will just break the toys. As parents, it is also your responsibility to discipline your kids and let them understand the importance of spending wisely. Of course, it is essential that you provide the things that they need to have fun, but make sure to not overspend. The good news is that there are several toy robots of good quality on the market today that are affordable.