Different types of robots in today’s society


Various Types of Robots in Today’s Society

Robots are just one of the toys that kids love to play, and even adults. Compared to other toys, robots are one of those that never get old. Perhaps, one of the reasons why there are many people who want robots is that some of them look like humans. But of course, that is not the only thing to keep in mind in making robots. They must be highly functional and possess the qualities that make them suitable to do their primary tasks.

You may not be aware of it, but there are different types of robots. Each type of robots does specific tasks in order to provide convenience to human beings. In addition, there are certain things that human beings cannot do, but robots can.

Let us take a look at some of the types of robots right now.

Stationary Robots

In industrial settings, robots are actually used in order to complete the tasks, especially if it is difficult for human beings to handle them. Stationary robots are used to repeat the same tasks over and over again, and the good thing about this kind of robots is that it does not complain or get tired while doing the tasks unlike humans that easily get tired of what they do repeatedly. If particular tasks are already done, it is possible for you to reprogram stationary robots and make them perform new tasks. Increasing the production of manufacturers is not an issue at all because of stationary robots. They are designed either to imitate human beings or explore various areas.

Mobile Robots

If it is impossible for people to go to a particular place, this is where mobile robots come in. This type of robots is able to move and search different areas. Mobile robots are highly used to search for survivors in collapsed buildings because people cannot go, especially if the areas are still too dangerous. Just a trivia, NASA also makes use of mobile robots in roaming surfaces in the outer space like the Mars Explorer that roams the surface of mars.

This type of robots can be further divided into two categories, which are the walking and rolling robots. These two categories are used depending on the area that needs to be searched. If the terrain is rocky, it means that it is difficult to enter the area using robots with wheels. Thus, the best to use are walking robots, which usually have 6 or more legs. The reason for having many legs is that they can still keep their balance even when they lift a few of their legs. For flat surfaces, rolling robots are preferred to use; because of their wheels, they can easily move around. When you need to search specific areas, make sure that you determine the type of terrain, so that you will be able to choose the right mobile robot to use.

Autonomous Robots

An autonomous robot is another type of robot, which supports itself by just relying on its own “brain”. There are even times when autonomous robots learn new behavior. These robots run a program, which give them the chance to decide on the action that they will do depending on the surroundings. At the start, they will learn a new routine, and eventually adapt it so that it will be easier for them to perform their respective tasks. Autonomous robots have the ability to avoid obstacles or learn how to walk after moving randomly.

Virtual Robots

Perhaps the only robots you know are those most visible, but actually, there are also robots that do not exist in real life; they are called virtual robots, which are building blocks of software. With the help of virtual robots, the simulation of real robots in performing certain tasks is possible. Chatterbot is an example of a virtual robot. This kind of robots simulates conversations, and users can interact with it using the internet.

Personal Robots

Personal robots are very popular in the society today because they help the people in different tasks. Unlike the other types of robots, personal robots more likely depend on the needs of individuals. Their human interface and design are useful to human beings. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are using personal robots in their respective homes, and let them do the tasks. Individuals can automate repetitive home or work life to make them more productive.

Robots are really interesting because they are playing very important roles in the society today. Businesses operate daily with fewer issues, and these robots are also responsible for this. Not only businesses benefit from various types of robots, but individuals as well. In movies, robots are sometimes used as protagonists, which mean that they are really helpful in our generation, and most likely, also in the next generations to come.


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