Would robots make a good girlfriend or boyfriend?

Robot girlfriend
Robot girlfriend

Is a Robot a Good Partner?

Being lonely in life is really difficult. When a person reaches the right age, it is a natural instinct to look for a partner who can be a companion for eternity. Perhaps being lonely works for you, but there is just something about having a partner that makes it different and wanted. Of course, there are things that you cannot achieve alone, such as having babies. Moreover, there is no one for you to talk to, and it would never be easy, especially if you have problems.

This is where the idea of having a robot as a partner comes in. Today, there are many single people who have been trying hard to look for someone, but they seem to not find one no matter what they do. The idea of having a robot partner pops up, and as a matter of fact, this idea has become very popular in different countries in the world.

Robot Girlfriend/Boyfriend for Sale

In some countries such as Japan, there are already robot girlfriends/boyfriends for sale for those people who are interested in trying out a relationship with a robot. For instance, in Japan, there is Chizuko, the android that was previously called Geminoid F. A Japanese roboticist named Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is from the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, created her for both men and women who want a female partner. Chizuko looks after the first girlfriend of Ishiguro, who dumped him for another guy. Moreover, this robot is in her 20s, which will surely catch the attention of many consumers, especially the men.

Chizuko is a very good partner because she always smiles, and she is friendly and kind as well. Whenever her partner asks her something, she then responds. According to her creator, Chizuko will become a great wife. A lot of Japanese parents buy this robot for their sons.

Here is a picture of Chizuko with her model. Clearly, they resemble each other a lot. However, in terms of natural movements and physical attributes, you can instantly distinguish who the real one is.

Geminoid F
Can you tell which is the robot?

You may be wondering if robot partners have the capability to engage in intimate situations. According to her creator, you have to buy it and see for yourself. But of course, you have to bear in mind that despite being modeled after a real woman, this robot still has limitations. This means that you might not be able to experience certain things that you can experience with real people.

Benefits of Having Robot Partners:

If you are planning to have a robot partner, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy.

Sexy time depends on you

Since a robot partner has unlimited stamina, you can get intimate all night. Expect that he will never complain with whatever you want him to do. If you want to just cuddle, you can. If you want to do more than that, then it is also possible without convincing him really hard.

He is always there

Since a robot does not have a family, you can have him anytime of the day. If you need him, you can immediately rely on him without having to wait when he will not be busy anymore. If you want to go shopping, you can bring him with you, and without any complaints, he will carry those bags for you.

You do not have to repeat yourself many times

When you have something to tell him, there is no need for you to repeat yourself. After saying things once, a robot partner will quickly get it. If you need him to get something for you, just program it in, and in just a few minutes, you can already have what you have requested.

Breaking up is painless

If you no longer want your robot partner, you can easily get rid of him without getting hurt. You can quickly go back to looking for a real human being as a partner knowing that both you and the robot are not hurt with the break-up.

If you have been looking for the perfect partner who will give you everything you need and spoil you all the time, a robot partner is what you are really looking for. If you want to have a perfect relationship and get whatever you desire, a robot partner is there to provide you with all the best things a partner can give. Once you are in a relationship with a real person, you cannot absolutely expect this to happen because they have emotions, and at certain times, they will still follow their feelings instead of yours.