Top 10 Robot Characters in Movies


For the past years, there are several robot movies that have captured the hearts of the audience. Movies about robots are getting popular because of the latest innovation. This may also mean that they love the fact that robots in real life will be like the robots that they see on movies.

There are already many robots that took protagonist roles in the past. Perhaps you have thought about your favorite robots in movies. Well, here is a list of the people’s favorite robots in movies that might also be your favorites.

10. The Terminator


The Terminator is a character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is a cyborg that initially was a programmable assassin that targets Connor. There have been many celebrities who played as The Terminator in its sequels, but Schwarzenegger is the most popular. This killing machine character has added to the lengthy resume of the said celebrity. Moreover, his portrayal has been really effective, and in fact, The Terminator movie is one of the successful robot movies you can ever find.



9. Robocop

Robo Cop

Another robot that deserves a spot in the list is Robocop, which is technically a cyborg. Robocop is critically injured, and it was a very painful experience because he was a husband, father and a great cop. After the incident, the conglomerate OmniCorp took the chance to make a part-robot, part-man police officer. Being a cyborg, he eventually lost his senses, and had to give up his personal life.



8. False Maria

False MariaThe False Maria is a character from the 1927 film Metropolis, which is one of the few female robots that you can see in films. Most robots are male, and it is a good thing that there is a female robot like the False Maria. Since this film was made a long time ago, this can be considered one of the original science fiction movies. Just like any other heroes, Maria has the compassionate personality.



7. Robby the Robot

Robby The RobotFrom the movie Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot is one of the characters that made the audience feel excited when it was shown in the theaters. This robot was 7 feet tall and indestructible. A lot of people remembered Robby for a long time because he made cameo appearances in various movies, such as Wonder Woman and The Twilight Zone. In addition, the distinctive appearance influenced robot designs for years.



6. David Swinton

David SwintonA.I. Artificial Intelligence, one of Steven Spielberg’s films, is another hit movie because of the robot character named David, who was an artificial boy that wanted to become a human. David has longed to become a real person because of the love of his mother that he wanted to regain. Kids would surely enjoy watching this film because the main character is a young boy.

5. Optimus Prime

One of the most successful movies is Transformers, whose characters are mostly robots. Moreover, one of the characters that several people would never forget is Optimus Prime, which is one of the protagonists in the film. For kids who love assembling pieces, they would surely be able to appreciate this film because the robots really looked like they were assembled. As a matter of fact, young boys really love this character along with the other robots that starred in Transformers.

4. Data

DataIf we talk about successful fiction movies, Star Trek will surely be on the list. As evidence for this, there was a remake of this just recently. Data is a fully functional android that works as a chief operations officer and second officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E. The great thing about this particular robot is that he becomes more like a human as the film progresses; thus, people can still relate to the character.



3. C-3PO and R2-D2

C-3PO and R2D2Despite its age, Star Wars is really popular, especially among the people born in the 1970s. When it comes to cyborgs and robots, this particular movie is one of those that never get old, especially with its characters, such as C-3PO and R2-D2. What is really great about this pair is their friendship wherein they greatly understand each other. When you watch this film, you will be able to realize how it would be like to have someone by your side.



2. Mechagodzilla

MechaGodzillaIntroduced in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, the character Mechagodzilla is a giant doppelganger of Godzilla. The alien Simians created it in order to wreak havoc. With the effects used in this character like the laser beams that come out of its mouth, as well as the Space Titanium armor, there are many people who will be more interested to watch the film.



1. Wall-E

Wall-EKids in this generation will surely enjoy another movie that features a robot protagonist, Wall-E. This character does not speak even a word throughout the movie. The exciting part in the movie is the pursuit of the main character to another robot named Eve, which is tingling and exciting. At the end of the movie, the two robots get together, and for sure, you will be able to feel the romantic atmosphere; thus, it helps the audience engage in the film.


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