Robots for seniors: How will robots play a role?

Giraff robot for seniors
Giraff robot for seniors

The Usefulness of Robots for seniors

You might think that robots are only suitable for kids and adults, but actually, people of all ages can benefit from having robots. For seniors who are living alone, robots are really important. Seniors are able to do the things that they cannot do with the help of these robots. Some people might be threatened by the existence of robots, but for seniors, they are a blessing. Here is how robots have greatly helped seniors.


In the United States alone, there are around 12 million senior adults who are living on their own. As a result of living by themselves, they resort to having a robot for companionship. A person at a younger age finds it difficult to live alone, how much more for a senior? Through the new robot companion, we can say that seniors are much safer than living alone. Robots suitable for seniors are plugged into the internet and consists of integrated sensors.

With the help of the robot companion, caregivers can be notified of urgent situations such as falls and physicians can be informed of physiological and behavioral changes. More importantly, this also helps maintain the social connections of the seniors. Robots also have the ability to contact the families and friends of the seniors, as well as healthcare providers to ensure that they will still keep in touch with people.

A Robot for Seniors

There are various robots for seniors that you can use if you have been living far away from your elders. It is very important that you provide them the comfort that they need, and of course, make sure that they are completely safe.

Giraff is one of the robots for seniors that you can give a try. This particular robot brings people together no matter how far they are from each other. With the help of Giraff, you can virtually visit your elders via the Internet, and it would feel like you are really visiting them for real. Video conferencing has worked with several seniors and their families already

The image above shows the Giraff robot, which is very convenient to use for the elders. This device has wheels that let the users move it easily around the house.

Being lonely is really difficult, especially if you are already getting old. You definitely need more love and support at an old age. However, most seniors are abandoned because their loved ones are too busy with their respective businesses. Of course, there are still families who really want to see their elders, but cannot due to many different reasons. This is where the usefulness of Giraff and other robots come in.

Works with Medical Devices

The good thing about these robots for seniors is that they perfectly work with medical devices in order to relay physiological data, such as blood pressure, oxygen level and glucose. This is very important, especially for those seniors who are suffering from specific illnesses. These robots help caregivers in making sure that the elders are safe in place. Even though seniors are alone, we can make sure that they are constantly monitored. Medical doctors are able to monitor different people remotely through these robots. Furthermore, they can better manage false alarms and optimize real visits.

For those seniors who choose to live alone, their families do not need to get worried because through the robots, they can be monitored closely. Both the seniors and their families will be more relaxed about the coming years, knowing that they are given the comfort and security that they need.

Today’s Robotic Technology

There are still functionalities that need to be added to ensure that the maximum comfort and security will be met. These functionalities include the addition of more sensors, verbalization of text messages from the secondary users, and the allotment of space on the robot where the physiological data can be clearly seen, making it easier to discuss their health with their families and doctors.

Robotics technology still is in its infancy and although robots cannot replace human caregivers yet, they are fast becoming a much-needed addition to many seniors households.