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How to recover deleted pictures from SD memory card

I was going through my digital camera and somehow deleted one of the folders in my SD memory card. My first reaction was "Oh...

Apple Siri vs Vlingo

Since the launch of Apple iPhone 4S, one of the most notable features of that launch was Siri, the personal virtual voice activated digital...

Stop the attack on building owners and developers

We have to stop the attacks on building owners and developers who want to do something else with their building or tear it down...

27% Pay Hike, Do CEOs Really Deserve It?

By noon on January 3, 2012, most Canadian highest CEOs would have made what the average work makes in a year. According to the Canadian...

A History of Toronto’s most controversial mayors

Toronto has come a long way from its origins as a violent frontier trading post town. It's now 2012 and currently Rob Ford reigns...