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Canada loses tennis player Rebecca Marino to cyber bullying

Thanks Internet! Canada lost a pretty good tennis player today because of you. Rebecca Marino has decided to retire from tennis citing various reasons...

Apple stock will keep on going down down and down

What happened to all of the professional stock analysts who were predicting Apple will hit $1000 per share. They are oddly quiet and seem to...
Drones coming to Canada soon

Drones – Coming soon to Canada

Drones - the sound of that word reminds you of a cold wailing siren of death. Eyes in the skies. Hell from above. You...

Does Bargnani deserve to be booed by fans?

Bargnani returned to the Raptors' lineup on Wednesday night after a lengthy period of time sitting on the shelf due to elbow and knee...

Are you living too long for your own good?

Since the dawn of time, we have been trying to find ways to live longer and such is the hallmark of advanced societies, but...