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The less flashy reasons the Maple Leafs will end their playoff drought

According to Sportsclubstats.com the Maple Leafs have a 98.9% chance of making the playoffs in 2013, a number that even the most pessimistic fan...

Can Justin Trudeau win in 2015? Here’s the playbook

In an ideal world, the federal election in 2015 would be decided by a good old fight night. Justin Trudeau vs Stephen Harper. The...

Apple stock takes big tumble to below $400

Apple stock price takes its biggest tumble since December 2011 falling below $400 as reports from one of their audio chip suppliers, Cirrus Logic...

Facebook phone is not going to help them make more money

In light of the fact that most Facebook users are accessing their accounts through the use of their smartphones, Facebook decided that in order...

The Jays’ bandwagon is on fire

If you were one of the over 48,000 fans at the opening day of the Blue Jay's season, you probably thought you were watching...