MLB Playoff Play of the Day – Yankees vs Tigers – October 17, 2012


Donny Sports MLB Play of the Day is the Detroit Tigers +105 over the New York Yankees

Last night Verlander brought his best stuff to the mound, keeping the Yankees off the scoresheet until the 9th inning, where he was tiring and gave up a home run to Nunez. Phil Coke (does he have a deal with Coca-Cola?) closed it out after leaving a couple of runners on base. Ichiro got a couple of hits of Verlander and this is a testament to how great Verlander and Ichiro really are. By winning 2-1, the Tigers are primed for a sweep.

First off, a sweep of any MLB team in any series is very hard to do, never mind the Yankees. There’s a reason why I’m feeling the Tigers tonight again. The Yankees are down 3-0 and missing key players. Jeter stayed home, A-Rod not doing too great. I just think New York may have given up this year. They don’t have key pieces in place and coming back to take the series from the Tigers is something they don’t think they can pull off. I think Detroit will have the eye of the tiger tonight. Sabathia will pitch to try and prolong the series for another day. He pitched very well to close out the Baltimore Orioles. Sabathia can be hit by the Tigers though. The crazy-eyed Matt Scherzer is pitching for Detroit. Scherzer will not have much pressure so he should be able to hold the fort together for the Tigers.

Take the Tigers tonight for nice plus money of +105. Once again many bettors are taking the Yankees because of the sweep avoidance and that Sabathia is pitching so more money will be placed on the Yankees side. Play the pick on a single play and don’t bet it all on one game. If the Yankees get the right bounces they just might win.

Good Luck and Play with Discipline