Jeremy vs the Giant

Jeremy Lin NY Knicks
Jeremy Lin, NY Knicks

The Jeremy Lin story continues and everyone is excited to see how he will handle the formidable Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

After slicing through John Wall and the Wizards, there were over 30 media members looking for a word with the Asian sensation. This phenomenon is dubbed “Linsanity”.

Taiwan (Lin is of Taiwanese descent) has even bought the rights to his last 3 games and have been replaying it over and over. Jeremy’s rise and the surrounding buzz even have Jeremy in disbelief, stating “Last year, I wouldn’t have imagined this. I think I’m more shocked than anybody else is.”

Lin was inserted into the Knick’s lineup against New Jersey when coach Mike D’Antoni had no one else left on the bench.

With nothing to lose Lin stepped up to the task and led the Knicks to a win over the Nets. The next game, Lin set a career-high with 28 points and led the team to a victory over the visiting Utah Jazz.

By this time everyone was looking at this kid who seems to come from out of nowhere. Could he do it again? Considering how terrible the Knicks had been even with stars Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, Lin seemed like a jolt of energy for the Knicks season.

Everyone found out Wednesday. After taking apart the Wizards, the Knicks had developed a new swagger. Chandler has more room to score. Novak has been bombing 3’s like a stealth warplane. Lin with his stutter steps, quick movements, and well-timed passes has created space and confidence for the previously slumping team. “He’s unified the team,” teammate Jeffries said. “He’s given our team new energy.”

All this is great, but now the Black Mamba comes into the Gardens and he’s determined to get his Lakers team back on the winning side. Kobe led the Lakers to a hard-fought win over the Celtics last night. The Lakers had previously lost their last 2 games to Utah and Philadelphia. The last time the Lakers and Knicks played, Lin was sitting on the bench. This time he has to lead the Knicks to a win without Amare or Carmelo.

The Knicks and Lin, in particular, will face a difficult task in overcoming the Lakers tonight. However, the team is rested and even has the Acela Angle in effect (New York and Boston have an unspoken pact that no team will sweep them consecutively).

Does Lin have a chance against the Lakers? We’ll see tonight.

Youtube: Watch Lin’s highlight plays against the Wizards: